How everything started

Even if YesMovies has been online for many years already, there are still many people that don't know too much stuff about our website, the story behind it, how it started and why we are still here today with this streaming platform. We, as many other users on the internet, used to watch movies and series online for free way before the paid streaming platforms exist. At that time, there were only two options for watching films online: torrents or streaming sites. The internet connection was very slow then and it wasn't a pleasure to wait for an hour or two before you can watch a movie and that's why many people preferred to stream their favorite content on the free sites because you don't have to wait at all. After a few years we've decided to create our own streaming site, tired of all the crappy content from the competition. Our experience as visitors helped us to understand better what are the needs of a normal user and we've succeeded to create probably the best streaming site made according to people's needs. The beginning was pretty rough because we didn't had too much experience with developing such a website but after a lot of struggle we've somehow managed to figure out how to put all the pieces together and create this wonderful site that you can see today.

YesMovies is better than other sites

One of the strongest reasons to choose YesMovies as your main source of free movies and series online is our massive database which includes more than 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 50.000 episodes. It is not the biggest database from the internet but for sure it is enough to find something very good to watch, especially that we are updating our collection everyday with latest movies and series so you will always have new content to view. Quality is the most important thing for us and that's why we are using only high quality video players that will let you watch films in HD 720p or even 1080p sometimes which is really great compared to other similar sites. Unfortunately, we are not able to stream 4K or 8K yet but we are working and as soon as we find a solution for a better streaming quality you can be sure we will make it. Until we will achieve the 4k streaming feature, you can watch unlimited movies and series in HD quality on our fast loading players that will let the movie to run automatically without interruptions or buffering after you pressed the play button.

Well organized database of films

We know how important is for the visitors to have the best experience while watching stuff on YesMovies and because of that we've spent the last months working on the site and made a lot improvements regarding the structure of the content. It's not that easy to organize 10.000 movies and 50.000 episodes but we have successfully made it thanks to the help of our technical team. You can browse through our collection by lists such as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Favorite, Top IMDb or Trending Now in case you are not decided what movie to watch and need a little inspiration. Everything is well organized with tags, release years and genres. We are currently using two separate years tags for movies and series so you won't mix them when looking for a specific type of content. The genres tag is the same for both movies and series but will clearly see what kind of production it is by looking at the thumbnail. All our categories are very well optimized so the process of searching a movie is very easy and accessible on YesMovies. If you already know what do you want to watch, then you don't need to use all these filters and categories, you can just type in the name of your favorite production in one of our search forms. The first search box is on the main page of the website and the other one is always available in the top right side of YesMovies. If you searched for a movie and you couldn't find it, please be careful if you wrote correctly the name of it because this might be the reason why you can't find it. If you check it again and the film is really not available on our website, please send us a request and we will publish the movie in less than a day.